What is the connection between Lava and Vivo, know the complete history of Hariom Rai?

Lava MD Hariom Rai has been arrested by ED. This arrest has been made for helping Chinese mobile company Vivo and violating FDI rules. After this incident, questions might be arising in the minds of many people that what is the connection between Lava and Vivo? After all, why was the MD of Lava helping the Chinese company? After all, why does the head of Lava Company love China so much? When trying to find answers to all these questions, TV9 team looked at Hariom Rai’s LinkedIn profile. In which the answers to all these questions were hidden. In fact, Hariom Rai’s love for China is not recent. In fact, it is two decades old. So let us also tell you what is the answer to these questions?

The connection is two decades old

This connection started in the year 2003 when Hariom Rai started a company named Pestel in India in collaboration with Chinese company BBK Electronics. This venture used to manufacture and sell landline and fixed wireless phones. This is Hariom Rai’s first link with China. Which has been going on for 20 years now. Hariom Rai himself has mentioned all these things in his profile. After that Pestel started a branch named Lava. This means that Chinese company BBK Telecom had the same stake in Lava as Hariom Rai had. Now it must be clear why Hariom Rai loves China so much?

Now understand the connection with Vivo

Who has not heard the name of Vivo? It is a famous mobile company of China. Has been the main sponsor of IPL, the world’s biggest cricket league. The special thing is that when Lava was launched in India in 2009. Vivo communication was started in China in the same year. Now how is this connected to the MD of Lava? In fact, VV’s parent company is the same BBK Electronics, with which Hariom Rai had founded a company named Pestel in 2003. Now you must have completely understood why there is such a strong connection between Lava and Vivo and why Lava helped Vivo?

What is the history of Hariom Rai?

According to Hariom Rai’s LinkedIn profile, he founded Biogentech, a venture in the biotechnology sector, in 1992. Biogentech’s business extends to Europe and America. Biogentech manufactures machines, devices, chemicals and consumables products used in biotech labs and universities in India. In 1996, Hariom Rai started business as a partner in a logistics company – Perfect Handling, later named MXpress Worldwide Logistics. Which was engaged in freight forwarding, custom clearance, warehousing and distribution. In the year 2003, the company had entered the telecom sector in collaboration with a Chinese company.

Why was Hariom Rai arrested?

ED has arrested four people while taking action against Chinese phone maker Vivo in a money laundering case. One name in which is Hariom Rai, MD of Lava. Who have been arrested under Anti Money Laundering Act. They have been accused of helping Vivo. Apart from these, three more people have been arrested whose names are Guangwen Kiang, CA Nitin Garg and Rajan Malik.

Guangwen Qiang is from China. Who is being considered the master mind in Vivo money laundering case. Nitin Garg was the CA of Vivo. Rajan Malik Auditor of Lava. With the connivance of all these, Vivo has illegally sent out Rs 1 lakh crore. ED has alleged that these four did not help in the investigation. Hariom Rai is accused of flouting FDI rules along with Rajan Malik. Helped the Chinese company to get security deposits and offices in India.


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