Salman Khan’s film earned Rs 100 crore in two days, leaving Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan behind.

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Tiger 3 Box Office Collection: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has brought his film on Diwali, which has proved to be the most wonderful year for the industry so far. Tiger franchise film Tiger 3 has been released. Fans are liking this film a lot. The film is making waves in terms of earnings. Tiger 3 earned well at the box office on the first day and became the best opening film of his career. The film has continued its excellent collection on the second day also. But he is facing a tough competition from the record of the year 2023 made by his friend Shahrukh Khan.

The latest figures of Tiger 3’s earnings have come out. According to the reports of Saknilk, the film has taken full advantage of the festival on the second day and has earned Rs 57.52 crore. The film had earned Rs 44.50 crore on the first day. If seen from this perspective, the film has earned Rs 102 crores. These figures are fantastic. There has been a jump of Rs 13 crore in the film’s earnings on the second day.

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The earnings of this Salman Khan film are going so well that it has left behind a film of Shahrukh Khan released in the year 2023. The film Jawan had earned Rs 53.23 crore on the second day. If seen from this perspective, Salman Khan’s film has defeated Shahrukh’s Jawan in terms of second day’s earnings. The collection of the film is going fantastic.

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But left behind from Pathan

Even though Salman’s Tiger 3 has defeated Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan, the film still lags behind Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan, released this year. The collection of the film was good on the second day and Pathan had earned more than 70 crores on the second day of release.

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