Jonathan Majors’ GMA Interview May Negatively Affect Him

Jonathan Majors‘ new interview with GMA could be the key to saving his career ahead of his sentencing, or it could be a nail in his coffin. The former Marvel actor reiterated his side of the story, once again denying ever assaulting ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. He has already been convicted and could face up to a year in prison.

Multiple legal and crisis PR professionals have now evaluated the potential impact of the interview on the sentencing. They’ve noted that it’s an “unusual move” and could positively or negatively affect his ability to rebuild a career.

Jonathan  Majors Denied The Allegations Against Him…Again

Jonathan Majors Refutes Assault Allegations, Lawyer Claims There Is Substantial Evidence To Prove Innocence

Majors’ interview with ABC News’ “Good Morning America” was the first time he’s made a public statement since his conviction in December 2023. In the interview, the actor said he was trying to “be brave and take responsibility” for his own story. He didn’t make this move during the trial, as he chose not to take the stand and testify.

During his conversation with GMA, Majors once again denied his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari’s claims. He emphasized that he’d never hit a woman before or ever been part of domestic abuse in previous relationships. Regarding Jabbari’s physical injuries presented as evidence in the trial, Majors claimed not to know, adding that he had “no question” that they weren’t his fault.

The “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” actor claimed that his only responsibility in the incident was ever being in the car and relationship.

Majors said, “I shouldn’t have been in the car. I shouldn’t have stepped out of the relationship. I shouldn’t have been in the relationship. If I’m not in the car, none of this is happening.”

Experts Evaluated The Interview Strategy

Jonathan Majors At 5th American Black Film Festival Honors: A Celebration Of Excellence In Hollywood

Multiple experts have now evaluated Majors’ decision to grant the interview ahead of his February 6 sentencing and how it could help or massively backfire. Cary London, a civil rights and criminal defense attorney at Shulman & Hill, shared his opinion on the matter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, London said the interview is a “very unusual” move for defendants awaiting sentencing, as they usually avoid moves that could negatively influence the judge. He noted that there was a significant opinion that Majors wouldn’t serve any actual jail time, but the interview might change the situation.

He said, “The judge has a wide variety of tools at his disposal at sentencing, including anger management, community service, other programming and jail time. If the defendant says anything to piss off the judge, or insults the integrity of the judicial system, I could easily see the judge giving him a taste of jail.”

The Interview Could Negatively Affect His Sentencing

Jonathan Majors Refutes Assault Allegations, Lawyer Claims There Is Substantial Evidence To Prove Innocence

Kate Mangels, a partner at Kinsella Holley firm, also shared her opinion on Majors’ interview and sentencing. She noted that the judge would primarily consider the facts of the crime but might also take the actor’s lack of remorse into consideration when determining the sentencing.

Mangels also said the prosecutors can notify the judge of the interview, and Jabbari herself could use it in a victim impact statement. However, she also noted, “From a purely legal standpoint, it would be more wise to wait to give a public statement until after sentencing. But Majors is likely balancing other factors such as public relations and his future career opportunities.”

Regarding the impact of the interview on the future of Majors’ career, one anonymous crisis PR expert said it’s a “high risk, low reward strategy.” They explained that it might not permanently ruin his comeback potential, but the comeback won’t be anytime soon.

The PR expert added, “You can’t rebuild your house while the hurricane is still raging overhead.”

Jonathan Majors Was Found Guilty Of Assault & Harassment

Jonathan Majors Arrives To Criminal Court in NYC on December 4, 2023

In December, a jury found the “Creed III” actor guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and harassment in the second degree, all against his ex-girlfriend Jabbari.

Jabbari claimed that the assault and harassment occurred during a March 25 incident in a car. She testified that it began after she saw a phone text suggesting that Majors was cheating on her, and tried to grab his phone. This led to the actor allegedly injuring her by prying her fingers from the phone forcefully, hitting her head, and throwing her back into the car.

After months of controversy surrounding the charges and trial, Majors was finally found guilty and now faces up to a year in prison. His acting career has already been severely affected, as Majors was fired by Disney and Marvel Studios immediately after the verdict was announced.


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