Disney Hot Star earned around Rs 17 thousand crores because of Kohli, know how?

For the people of India, Sunday was no less than Super Sunday. The most difficult and interesting match of the World Cup league matches was played on Sunday. This match was between India vs New Zealand. Which was undefeated before Sunday. Both the teams had won 4-4 matches. In this match, India won by 4 wickets while chasing 274 runs. In this match, the Man of the Match award was given to Mohammed Shami who took 5 wickets, but Virat Kohli’s innings of 95 runs played an important role in India’s victory.

The special thing is that because of this huge innings, Disney Plus Hot Star also made a record. On Sunday, 43 million people i.e. 4.3 crore people appreciated Disney Plus Hot Star to watch Virat Kohli’s batting, which is a record. To see Virat Kohli, people from all over the world broke the viewership record of the final match of the FIFA World Cup, in which Lionel Messi was also present. After this record, Disney’s shares rose by more than 1.25 percent in the stock market and the company made a profit of more than Rs 17 thousand crore during the trading session.

Disney shares increase

On Monday, when the American stock market New York Stock Exchange saw an increase. According to the data, the company’s shares rose by 1.34 percent to reach $83.76 during the trading session. Whereas according to Indian time, the company’s shares were trading at $ 83.62 with a rise of 1.24 percent at 11:48 pm. However, today the company’s shares opened at $82.08. Whereas on Friday the company’s shares closed at $82.65.

Profit of Rs 17 thousand crore in the market cap of the company

Due to record viewership, Disney’s shares saw a rise on Monday. Due to which the company’s market cap increased by more than 2 billion dollars i.e. about Rs 17 thousand crores. According to the data, when the market closed on Friday, the market cap of the company was $151.19 billion. On Monday, when the company’s shares reached the day’s high, the company’s market cap reached $153.22 billion. This means that the market cap of the company increased by more than 2 billion dollars.


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